Havoline Installer Pouring Havoline Installer Pouring

Becoming an authorized Havoline installer gives you the expertise customers expect when they ask for us by name. Wear the Havoline badge with pride, knowing it keeps your business moving forward and customers coming back.

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By partnering with Chevron...
You will work with a trusted company that offers quality brands and products to support your business
You have our quality promise - all Chevron products are backed by the Chevron Limited Products Warranty
You are supported by a team of knowledgeable industry professionals who understand your business goals

Improve shop efficiency and performance with Chevron PitPack®

Save time, space and money with less waste by using PitPack. Learn more about the benefits of PitPack by watching the video below.

PitPack features:
Frees up working capital
Less residual oil wasted
89% less plastic waste
More environmentally responsible
Improves shop organization
6-quart transfer jug
Chevron PitPack Rack Chevron PitPack Rack

Havoline eLearning portal for our professional installers

Chevron provides a number of employee education options,
including on-site services and product and application
training. Our Havoline eLearning Portal also offers mobile-
friendly product, service and sales courses for all skill levels.
Check out this clip from one of our videos: Today’s DIFM
Consumer: Who are you selling to?