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The full synthetic that changes everything.

Newly formulated for unbeatable, nonstop protection™ to keep today's modern engines going.*

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Today's more advanced engines require more advanced motor oils.

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Motor Oil Matters (MOM)

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Motor Oil Matters, or MOM for short, is the American Petroleum Institute’s newest motor oil licensing program. MOM’s goal is to drive consumers to oil-change locations that install API-quality oils. Bottled API-licensed motor oils like the Havoline brands have for years been easy to spot: they display the API motor oil quality marks—the API Certification Mark Starburst and Service Symbol Donut. Finding these same API-quality oils at locations that install oil from bulk tanks is not as easy. Only the oil-change provider and the oil distributor really know what’s in the tanks. MOM recognizes the installers that pay attention to the brand, viscosity grade and performance level of the oil they install and provide this important information to their customers.  MotorOilMatter.org

*As demonstrated in the Sequence IVA wear test on a 5W-30 viscosity. Always follow the motor oil grade and oil change intervals recommended in your vehicle owner's manual.