The Top 10 Factors in Choosing the Optimal Lubricant

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Anyone involved in equipment maintenance or machinery lubrication knows that selecting the optimal lubricant for specific applications has become more challenging. OEMs are designing modern equipment for increased efficiency, speed and performance, with tighter clearances between moving parts and a tendency to run at higher temperatures. As a result, there is a wider range of lubricant formulations on the market. How do you choose the right one with confidence?


To guide you in the process, we’ve put together a white paper, “Selecting the Optimal Lubricants for Industrial Applications: The Top 10 Factors in Your Decision.” As the title suggests, it spells out the primary considerations in the lubricant selection process. It may surprise you that you can’t always just go by the OEM’s recommendation in the equipment manual. That is your starting point, but you also need to look at such factors as operating temperatures, equipment age, environmental impact, and your maintenance program. Another primary consideration is consolidation due to budget constraints, as it may not be feasible to keep a variety of oils on hand for the various applications in your operation.


Our white paper will walk you through all these considerations. It also takes a deeper dive into lubricant cleanliness and measures that you can take to avoid potentially damaging lubricant contamination.


Of course, we would always recommend that you consult a knowledgeable lubrication specialist and work with your suppliers for guidance. The purpose of this paper is to equip you with enough knowledge to ask the right questions so you’re not going into those conversations cold.  


Proper lubrication is essential not only to equipment performance, reliability and longevity, but also to energy consumption and overall operating efficiency, which translates to profitability. That’s why it is important to understand the key considerations in identifying the optimal lubricant for any application.  Download our white paper for help in making informed decisions.


Zach Sutton
About the Author: Zach Sutton works for Chevron and has had a variety of roles with the company, his current post is the Industrial and Services Sector Specialist in our newly formed Americas Customer Experience organization. His role is to focus on the Customer Experience in using Chevron Industrial Lubricants and services such as our Chevron LubeWatch® program and ISOCLEAN® Certified Lubricants. Prior to joining Chevron, Zach worked for a number of organizations, in particular Michelin North America, providing an extensive experience in product sales and marketing. In 2000, he graduated from California State University, Fresno with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing.

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