Getting your coolant mix right is the key to ensuring your engine has optimal freeze and boil protection. After taking a quick reading with your own antifreeze tester, you can adjust your mix by using our calculator to find out the recommended amount of coolant you need to drain and replace with antifreeze or water.

Frequently asked questions - and their answers

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How do I test my antifreeze mixture?
Maintenance kit Maintenance kit
How do I adjust adjust antifreeze concentration?
Coolant 101
What is Coolant?

A coolant, or “antifreeze”, as referred to by the vast majority of consumers, serves a couple of relatively simple purposes in automotive and industrial applications...


The best protection takes more than having just one
refractometer as a tester. With the Chevron Cool Tools Kit,
you'll have every tool you need to ensure freeze and
boil protection is there when you need it most