Don’t let varnish slow you down. See how GST 

Advantage™ turbine oils formulated with VARTECH™ 

Technology can help stop varnish formation and keep 

your operation running smoothly.

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Stick to Varnish Stick to Varnish

About Varnish

A byproduct of oil degradation over time, varnish is a nasty coating that sticks to surfaces, decreasing equipment performance, and increasing downtime. And while flushing can remove some of the residue, it’s not enough to completely eliminate varnish.


Clean and Control

Waiting to react to varnish after it’s causing problems isn’t enough to solve them. It takes two steps: reliable cleaning, and a lubricant that’s specially designed to prevent varnish formation in the first place.

Varnish is no longer beyond your control

Many reliability engineers see varnish buildup as just a way of life in turbine

lubrication. Varnish created by lubricant oxidation and degradation is a 

major concern for power generation companies. Varnish can cause gas regulation
valves to stick and impair oil cooler performance, resulting in serious
operational issues or, in the worst case, an automatic shutdown or failure to start.

  • Varnish over time can cause a derating of performance
  • Inability to provide on time power 
  • Impact financial success and safe operations

Stop waiting for varnish to build up downtime


There’s a better way to deal with varnish. Be proactive with the VARTECH™ 

Solution, a simple two-step approach that will not only fight existing varnish

but also stop more from building up over time. With premium base oils that 

inhibit varnish formation, GST Advantage™ turbine oils with VARTECH™  will 

help you maintain peak performance, reliability and productivity.



Turbines Turbines

The VARTECH™ Solution

Step 1 - CLEAN


VARTECH™ Industrial 

System Cleaner (ISC)

GTS Advantage barrel GTS Advantage barrel

VARTECH™ Industrial System Cleaner (ISC) cleans existing varnish and prepares the system for fresh oil – all while your operation remains online – and works quickly and efficiently to help you restore your equipment to peak performance for outstanding reliability and productivity. 


Step 2 - CONTROL


GST Advantage™ RO with 

VARTECH™ Technology

GTS Advantage barrel GTS Advantage barrel

GST Advantage™ RO with VARTECH™ Technology limits varnish precursors, preventing varnish from forming and helps maintain peak performance, reliability and productivity in your non-geared gas and steam turbines.  Also available as ISOCLEAN® Certified Lubricants.


GST Advantage™ EP with 

VARTECH™ Technology

GST Advantage EP GST Advantage EP

GST Advantage™ EP with VARTECH™ Technology limits varnish precursors, preventing varnish from forming and has outstanding thermal and oxidation stability which allows it to withstand high temperatures found in turbine bearing and gear lubrications.  Also available as ISOCLEAN® Certified Lubricants.


Do you have a Management of Change (MOC) policy?

You need a partner who understands your policies for the management of change. We respect that process and want to ensure a smooth transition for your operation.


Ensure your equipment systems are running as clean as possible.